My name is Amy and I am the founder of Girlventure. Originally from Surrey, I grew up in the countryside and was fortunate to have lots going on outside of school, college or university whether it be swimming, dancing, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, you name it, I’ve probably given it a go at some point.

I moved to London about 6 years ago, work took over and I stopped all of the adventure/outdoors activities that I loved doing. I found it difficult to find like-minded people (or just people in general!), and didn’t have anyone wanting to go skateboarding or climbing at the weekend. As a beginner too I had no idea how to take up any of these hobbies without being shown up by a guy who has been doing it for years.

I decided to create an all girl community where we challenge ourselves by trying new adventure sports, meet like-minded people and just generally have fun! There is a huge range of girls coming to the events from girls in the twenties to those in their sixties, and of all nationalities. It’s a supportive environment and social too as you’ll often find us in the park (or the pub!) after discussing our new skills or planning our next adventure.

Would love to see lots more of you at my upcoming events!