Why join us on a Girlventure?

We feel that Girlventure is special and unique (we’re not biased at all!). There are so many reasons why you should join us so I wanted to share why we think you should come along to a Girlventure….

Meet like-minded people and build friendships

London can be a lonely place when you’ve just moved here or even if you’re been here a while. Usually we just socialise with work colleagues or housemates because it’s easy. Meeting new people can be difficult but Girlventure has a real community vibe as we go for food or drinks after our activities so you’ll always get talking to someone new or see a familiar face. You’ll be meeting people that have the same outlook on life as you, share the same interests and just starting from scratch. There are girls from the community that regularly hang out and some have even been on holiday together!

Try something new

Trying something new for the first time can be daunting so we aim to create a supportive environment. We’re all there for each other, cheer each other on or celebrate when you’ve done something awesome. Most of the time guys are always really annoyingly good at something they try for the first time so it being girls only means there’s no pressure and we can take it at our own pace.

Build confidence

A great way to build confidence is to put yourself outside of your comfort zone, there is nothing better than the feeling of achieving something you didn’t think you could do. It’s empowering and means that you can push yourself even further next time! If you’re a little shy, this is a great way to have conversations with individuals and small groups as all the girls are lovely and friendly people.

Do something outside of work

We’re all guilty of it, we live for the weekends and when they come around we spend most of our time relaxing and not doing a lot. In London there is a huge drinking culture.and it’s very easy to just not really do anything with your days and evenings. With our girlventures we want you to be out there doing stuff and making the most of your time off work.

Explore London

London is awesome. We love that there is always something cool going on and we at Girlventure love finding the weird, wonderful and fun activities to try out in the Capital. We put on both regular events like skating or climbing but then also one-off events too. Keep your eyes peeled on our events calendar to find out what’s going on!

Have fun!

This is the most important part, we want you to have fun with whatever you’re doing. We want you to be smiling and laughing throughout, and if you pick up a new passion or a great friend then that’s even more awesome.

Amy Cooper