There are lots of different types of climbing and Girlventure focuses on bouldering making it more accessible to everyone as no previous experience is needed before turning up to a session. Bouldering is essentially climbing without ropes, although that makes it sounds scary, it’s not! The routes are shorter, there is a padded floor beneath you and you can always climb down.

Climbing is an excellent form of exercise and you will quickly build up your upper body strength. Not only does it help physically but it’s a great workout for the mind too. Routes can be challenging so it takes planning and problem solving to finish the route. Climbing is a great way to build confidence by believing in yourself and determination.

We hold regular bouldering sessions in London either at the weekend or on a week night, These are more social events than professionally led by an instructor. They are hosted by a Girlventurer that has plenty of experience and will cover the basics with you to get you started. As with all events, all of the other girls are supportive and will be there climbing with you.

We will also be running ‘improver’ sessions where those that have been before can upgrade their skills with the help of an instructor. Details will be updated on the events.


When; Every other Saturday

Timings: Meet at 12.00pm to be ready to start at 12.05pm at the climbing centre reception.

Where: We climb in variety of different places, usually Vauxwall East, Vauxwall West or recently, Building One+ (Bermondsey). When you sign up, please make sure you’re heading to the correct centre!

What to bring: Sports wear, climbing shoes and chalk (if you have them). You will be able to hire climbing shoes for a small fee at the centre,

What to wear: Sportswear and no jewellery.

Price: £3 per person (Girlventure fee) + the cost to climb at the centre on the day.