We work with WakeUp Docklands for our Wakeboard Girlventure. Wakeboarding origins lie with waterskiing, surfing and snowboarding. The rider is fastended to a board and usually towed behind a motorboat. The rider can ride the surface of the wake crossing across the wake of the boat to perform tricks.

Instead of the boat we will be using a cable machine to learn how to wakeboard as it’s more accessible and a cheaper way to learn.

During the first session, you will learn the basics on the cable including how to stand and how to position yourself round the corners.


When; Please check the events page for dates.

Timings? Lessons begin on the hour so please arrive 20 minutes before the session starts in order to check in and get ready to ride. Please be on time otherwise you will not be able to take part and no refund will be given.

Where do I need to be? WakeUp Docklands. Nearest tube is Royal Victoria.

What should I expect? Sessions last an hour, and there will be 4 people sharing the beginners cable every hour on a roll on/roll off format, equating to 15 mins of water time per person. Usually a rider will get tired after about 7 mins, so they bring you in for a rest while another person rides, you then go out on the water again for a second time a bit later in the session after you've had a chance to chat with the coaches and watch everyone else ride.

What to bring? Change of clothes, suncream, water and towel

Are there showers? Yes

What do I wear? Bikini/swimwear

Can I rent equipment? Yes, you will be able to hire a board and wesuit.

Do I need to be able to swim? Yes. Although you will be provided with safety equipment including a buoyancy/impact vest and helmet you must at least be water confident and able to swim at least 25 meters.

Price: £35. Each cable accommodates up to 4 riders per hour ensuring a minimum of 15 minutes of water time per rider.  This includes all equipment and instruction.